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Encapsulates 3D parameterization for pattern generators. Allows selection of Pref and specification of a coordinate system to transform to. Uses a simple struct to represent bundled dataflow of outputs.

Input Parameters


Scale the frequency of the feature uniformly in 3D.


Select the type of position you want to use.


 UsageValueDefault variable
Current position: PUse the current (displaced) surface position0P
Undisplaced position: PoUse the surface position before it was displaced1Po

Deform : __Pref

Use a reference position primitive variable in object space2__Pref
Deform & transform: __WPrefUse a reference position primitive variable in world space3__WPref

You can only use __Pref and __WPref if these primitive variables have been attached to your geometry.

Why use the un-displaced position ?

When using the same 3d noise in the BxDF and the displacement, you should use Po to make sure the patterns are lining up.


                                   Bad: using P                                                                   Good: using Po


Name of geometry Pref (Maya uses __Pref and __WPref). 

This field is only used when Use is set to "Deform : __Pref" or "Deform & transform: __WPref".

If left empty, we assume either __Pref or __WPref, based on the current Use settings.

Coordinate System

Name of a coordinate system transform to apply to the manifold. (Maya calls these place3d nodes).

If left empty, we use the position in object-space, as this is what you need for non-deforming objects.

Output Parameters


The 3D manifold.


A float representation of the X component of the manifold.


A float representation of the Y component of the manifold.


A float representation of the Z component of the manifold.