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Welcome to RenderMan 21.7!

This release introduces the following improvements, fixes, and miscellaneous changes.

  • Compatible with the Katana 3.0 Beta Release
  • Cryptomatte support is added. Find example workflows in the Maya and Katana documentation. Volumes are not yet supported and will be opaque.

Cryptomatte output in Nuke

  • 'it' now has expanded exposure controls allowing better viewing of HDR images.
  • Mesh lights now support the same shadow controls and shadow linking as the analytic lights.
  • Improvements to light selection on scenes with many lights should improve render times.
  • Performance improvements to volume rendering, especially very sparse volume fields and/or single scatter volumes.
  • OpenEXR texture reads (.tex as EXR) are faster.
  • Added more controls to texture patterns:
    • This includes:
      • PxrTexture
      • PxrProjectionLayer
      • PxrLayeredTexture
      • PxrMultiTexture
      • PxrNormalMap
      • PxrBump
    • Added 3 new parameters to texture patterns:
      • int mipBias: bias mip selection, negative numbers bias lower resolution while positive numbers bias to higher resolution textures.
      • float maxResolution: clamp mip selection, useful to prevent loading of higher resolution mipmap levels.
      • optimizeIndirect: sets to an inexpensive Box filter on indirect hits, except on PxrBump where the filter is fixed.
    • The user attributes, "int texturemipbias" and "float maxtextureresolution", will override these settings. 
  • Improvements to Display Filters allow for easier construction of non-physical effects.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • GPU Denoise requires CUDA 7.5 and compatible hardware.

  • For refraction, extinction and ssAlbedo are unconnectable on PxrSurface

  • Added support for baking with displacement
  • Improved precision of PxrRamp inputs
  • PxrPortalLight: now supersamples the input texture, leading to less potential pixelization on low resolution textures
  • PxrSphereLight's intensityNearDist is now more correct/precise.
  • Path Traced Subsurface options in PxrSurface now converge more quickly for high phase values
  • Lighting Services: 
    • Minor changes to horizon culling of lights and clusters to the light selection algorithm
    • Additional code robustness for lights: Fixed crash in cases where mesh lights were instanced
  • PxrPortalLights, added more protection against slightly negative dot products in the portal sample function.
  • PxrMarschner lobe picking improvements, this reduces the variance, especially for high albedo hair
  • Memory optimizations in KD tree representation of volumes

  • Optimizations for volumes in the case of low density volumes
  • Updates to remove subsurfaceZeroScatterAttenuation to make sure that PxrLayerSurface reflects the new approach in PxrSurface
  • Prevent PxrOcclusion from calculating occlusion for infinite lights.
  • Add new RixShadingContext::GetNearestHits method with excludeSubset parameter.
  • Reduced memory usage when baking complex scenes with PxrBakePointCloud.

  • PxrDisney "ClearCoat" lobe has been renamed "Clearcoat" for output to standard LPEs used by other shipped materials.
  • Thread contention has been reduced when emitting many RiObjectInstances from multiple threads.

  • Added new API calls that Display and Sample filters can use to perform image processing (e.g., for NPR) across bucket boundaries.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a possible race condition when plugins in multiple threads access the same subdivision mesh via the RixSubdivisionSurfaceEvaluatio n interface.

  • Fixed a light selection bug when a scene was made up of all infinite lights

  • Fixed a possible crash when using Denoise on Windows.

  • A crash caused by rendering alembic files with large number of points has been addressed.

  • Fixed issue that 0% progress was reported after hours of rendering.
  • Fixed a crash with PxrVCM and volumes
  • Fixed bug causing occasional incorrect normals on displaced Loop subdivision surfaces.
  • Avoid crashing if using the Bake Hider on an empty scene.
  • A crash observed when enabling watertight dicing on degenerate subdivision faces has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where PxrVolume applied to NURBs geometry sometimes created incorrect shadows.

  • Fix problems when rendering the VLen, PWorld, and other geometric AOVs when using volumetric glass shaders.

  • Fix an interaction between PxrPathTracer with Russian roulette enabled at depth 1 and PxrVolume with single scattering leading to incorrect alpha values.

  • Handling of volumes with camera visibility 0 has been made significantly more robust when dealing with complex situations including overlapping volumes and scattering from surfaces inside the volume.

  • A bug causing multiscattered volumes to evaluate non-varyingprimvar lookups for emission has been fixed.

  • When the extrememotiondof hider option is enabled, frame number is now incorporated into DOF sampling, preventing "shower door" (constant sliding noise across the frame) artifacts on out-of-focus objects.

  • Fixed an issue where autocrop would not work correctly in openexr displays

  • Fixed bug causing potential for nan results from edge-on sampling of disk or rect lights when using emissionFocus.

  • A bug that caused issues with clearcoat layering with PxrLayerSurface has been addressed.

  • A bug that prevented dispScaleSpace from applying on the PxrDispTransform node has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the adaptive sampler would finish an image before exitat checkpoint was reached.


Known Limitations

RenderMan Pro Server

  • Rendering an alembic file with any instances will only render the original geometry. The procedural does not call ObjectBegin/ObjectEnd or ObjectInstance so all instances are ignored.
  • Full LPE support is only available with the PxrPathTracer and PxrVCM integrators.
  • Cryptomatte
    • Crop renders write the whole image with black padding. These will still be correctly aligned with the main render.
    • Single-scatter volumes show as an opaque volume envelope. Multi-scatter volumes work correctly.
    • Checkpointing is not currently supported.
  • Light Filters in the PxrVCM integrator do not affect or shape photon emission.
  • The Cone Angle parameter for lights is incorrect, it does not match the input angle, this will be fixed in a future version.
  • The PxrAovLight does not work properly with PxrUPBP.
  • Analytical lights placed inside volumes may yield artifacts when made visible to the camera. As a workaround, the light camera visibility should be turned off, and a geometry with a similar shape should be used (visible to the camera, invisible to transmission and indirect rays), with the proper emissive bxdf.
  • Using the '.' character in the handle for an OSL shader could cause unpredictable results during re-rendering.
  • Instances are not supported for baking.
  • 3d baking: no direct bake-to-ptex support.
  • PxrBakePointCloud cannot directly render ptex.
  • No RixPTC/pointcloud API (so PxrBakePointCloud cannot read ptc files).
  • Sample/Display filter plug-ins do not have access to lighting services for light dependent effects, e.g. lens flare.
  • Adding new mesh light on existing geometry during IPR results in double geometry.
  • Camera visibility changes are not respected during Live Rendering.
  • For PxrUPBP, If the light source is inside a volume, that volume needs to be defined as Volume “box”, RiVolume
  • For PxrUPBP, To get a volume caustic, the object casting the caustic needs to have higher intersectpriority than the volume.
  • For PxrUPBP, Overlapping heterogeneous volumes are not working yet. (However, overlapping homogeneous volumes do work.) This will be resolved in the future.
  • When attempting to access an array primvar, you must first check the size of the array primvar and allocate the appropriate space. Not doing so may lead to a crash.
  • Points and curves cannot have mesh lights attached to them.
  • Deformation motion blurred volumes don't currently work with densityFloatPrimVar or densityColorPrimVar. You will need to use a PxrPrimVar node connected to densityFloat and densityColor instead.