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Welcome to the RenderMan 23 Documentation. Here you can find information on how to install, license, and use RenderMan and the various integration options like Maya, Houdini, and Katana. You can use the links on the left Contents Bar to navigate around. For further support you can visit us on the Answers forums!

RenderMan gives artists access to Pixar’s toolbox for lighting and look development, real tools that have already created amazingly sophisticated and complex imagery for feature film. This release represents exciting changes to the rendering framework, which has been tested and proven on feature films such as Coco, Blade Runner 2049and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, establishing RenderMan as the most advanced rendering platform available. Developed for animation and VFX, RenderMan is focused on expanding the creative horizons for storytelling while raising the bar for performance and quality. More than just a renderer; it is a complete shading and lighting ecosystem, more powerful, accessible, and interactive than ever before.

Pixar's new commitment to users continues with the introduction of more examples, tutorials, and enhanced documentation for users of all levels that will continue to grow.

RenderMan 23 - The Perfect Bookend to the Pipeline

RenderMan 23 is an incremental release, bringing our latest developments to you without requiring major changes to existing look development, lighting, or pipeline.

USD –  Together with Pixar’s USD team, we are improving RenderMan’s USD rendering capabilities so that we can render directly from Houdini 18's new LOPs framework Solaris

IPR –  More always-on editing capability

  • Dynamic editing of AOVs and LPEs. Add them, remove them, or edit them – all without restarting your Live Renders. This is perfect for lighters and TDs tweaking shots
  • Dynamically change resolutions without having to restart your render
  • Quicker artist feedback via a new capability to control how the first iterations are rendered to the screen

Selected highlights of RenderMan are:

True Interactive Rendering — Rely on RenderMan with the ability to continuously render while you work. See changes immediately and make decisions sooner while refining your artistic choices. RenderMan has the ability to update while artists model scenes, complete layout, perform look development, and much more.

UI Enhancements — Bridge products enjoy streamlined workflows to enhance our interactive rendering capabilities. Improved exposure of RenderMan Attributes and Options help users make decisions and see results at all stages of production.

OpenVDB Updated — PxrVolume provides more options to enhance performance as well as new support for OpenVDB 5.0.

Previous documentation versions (prior to 21) can be found through the RenderMan Support Forums for download. View your archive downloads and find the version you need, the documentation bundle is available on the page after selecting "Next" from your version choice.

The Doxygen package for software developers is available under the Developer's Guide.

Head over to the Release Notes to get a more complete look at changes in RenderMan!