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RenderMan 22 Shelf

RenderMan for Houdini provides its own shelf with shortcuts for many of the most basic and useful features.


Start Render

Stop Render

Open Image Tool (it)

Create RenderMan 22 ROP along with a PxrPathTracer Integrator and a path to /cam1 (camera not automatically created)

Add Parameters to selected OBJ, useful for quickly adding valid RenderMan parameters

Make selected objects a holdout object

Create a PxrSurface VOP and assign to the OBJ

Create a PxrRectLight OBJ

Create a PxrDiskLight OBJ

Create a  PxrSphereLight OBJ

Create a PxrCylinderLight OBJ

Create a PxrMeshLight OBJ for the selected OBJ

Create PxrVolume / meshlight setup for the selected Volume, allowing the use of Light Filters.

Create a PxrDomeLight OBJ

Create a PxrPortalLight OBJ

Create a PxrEnvDayLight OBJ

Create a  PxrDistantLight OBJ

Create a PxrAOVLight OBJ