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See PxrDisplace for how to add scalar and vector displacement as well as displacement layers.

  • Add a PxrDisplace VOP to your RIS Network and connect to the PxrMaterialBuilder's output_collect node.  Wire your displacement map such as creating a PxrTexture VOP or PxrPtexture VOP for texture or ptex respectively.  We can wire a shading network also.  We recommend vector-based displacement, especially when layering.
  • Wire your PxrDisplace VOP to the shader input of the output_collect node.

  • Displacement settings are found on the RenderMan tab > Primvars > Shading > Displacement on the geometry OBJ being displaced. 


Trace displacements is on by default.

Set a displacement bound to render displacement, a setting of 0 turns off displacement on the object.