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Welcome to RenderMan for Katana (RfK) 21.1!

Welcome to RfK 21.1 This release introduces improvements and some fixes to the previous release.

Support has been added with this release for:

  • Katana 2.5v1 on Linux
  • Initial preview release for Katana 2.5v1 on Windows

Miscellaneous changes

  • PxrDefault integrator is now available in PrmanGlobalStatements.

  • Changed the default value of the adaptall hider parameter. It's now correctly "Off" by default.
  • Changed the "imagerBackground" parameter in PrmanGlobalStatements to "backgroundColor". The parameter now changes the background color with a DisplayFilter rather than an imager shader.

  • The shadingInterpolation attribute (used in baking) has been removed from RenderMan and PrmanGlobalStatements and PrmanObjectStatements.
  • Hider mode "incremental" is now forced "on" when live rendering.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression in user attribute behavior. User attributes behave the same as they did in RfK 20.x
  • Fixed an inconsistency in Material assignment on hierarchical instances between live and preview renders.
  • Manifold connections upstream of an OSL node will no longer cause a crash.