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Welcome to RenderMan for Katana (RfK) 21.2!

Welcome to RfK 21.2 This release introduces improvements and some fixes to the previous release.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • ViewerModifiers for lights are not visible when you look through a light in the Viewer.

  • Light Filter Viewer Modifiers are now hidden when the light filter is muted or when its respective lights are muted.

  • Handling of non-standard shader paths has been improved.
  • The id pass for Live and Preview Renders now uses the same camera as the "primary" output.
  • All outputs rendered to "it" display the outputName specified in the RenderOutputDefine node rather than the host name.
  • Live render edits to material networks containing a manifold now update the rendered image.
  • The camera used to render the ID pass now always matches the camera used to render the primary pass. Previously, these could be mismatched if the camera specified on the primary pass did not match the camera specified in the RenderSettings.
  • All Linux/Windows preprocessor checks now consistently use the compiler-defined _WIN32 definition.

Bug Fixes

  • Moving the ROI out of the rendered image will no longer result in a "Degenerate crop window" warning.
  • Live Render edits to material networks that contain a manifold now correctly update the render.

  • Fixed regression with config.xml file parsing. Previous versions of RfK21 were incorrectly looking for "Rfk" (lowercase 'k'). It now correctly looks for the config.xml file in $KATANA_RESOURCES/RfK/config.xml (uppercase 'K').

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 21.1 where the id passes did not render correctly during live render.  Now the Pixel Probe in the Katana Monitor will correctly select geometry.

Known Limitations


Live Rendering

  • Light linking edits are not currently supported.
  • Lights can be added during live rendering however, due to a bug in Katana 2.1, a newly-added light is not automatically 'live' and does not inherit its live state from the parent. When adding a light with Katana 2.1 or 2.5 you will need to manually activate that light in the Scene Graph. Newly added lights work correctly in Katana 2.0.
  • Adding mesh lights during live rendering creates duplicate geometry, upon re-render this is solved.
  • Changes to light filters are not processed unless the associated lights are also marked 'live'.
  • Alembic geometry mesh light transform edits (i.e. Transform3D changes) are not updated correctly during live rendering.
  • Muting a PxrDomeLight with PxrPortalLight children does not successfully mute the portal lights.
  • "Disable Local Assignment" does not work during live rendering with parameters of OSL shaders (e.g. PxrLayer and PxrLayerMixer).
  • Disabling and re-enabling layers in PxrLayerMixer can cause instability in Live Rendering.
  • Texture changes are not currently supported during live rendering.


Other limitations

  • If an object is assigned a material that has been disabled or does not exist the geometry will not render at all.
  • If you are rendering to 'it' the Monitor tab must be open for the Render Log tab to receive output from Katana and prman.
  • Although direct non-identity scaling has been removed from the PxrDomeLight and PxrDistantLight it is still possible to get an indirect scale via a constrained or inherited location. If the indirect scale is negative the Pxr light will flip to a reverse orientation.
  • Bake renders only work as Disk Renders. The render will fail for Live and Preview Renders.
  • Those who were on the beta will find that any scenes using the 'Live Render' quality preset on PrmanGlobalStatements will get an error that says "Live Render".  This is because the preset name has changed to "Draft".  Change the Quality Preset value to "Draft" and the error will go away.