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Welcome to RenderMan for Katana (RfK) 21.4!

This release introduces improvements and some fixes to the previous release.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • gridsize setting has been removed from the PrmanGlobalStatements node.
  • All displays that are using the channel "rgba" in the RenderOutputDefine node now use "Ci" for live and preview renders. This should remove this warning: R09025 {WARNING} Additional display cannot be mode rgba.
  • DeepEXR displays now use "Ci,a" rather than "Ci" to conform with the DeepEXR specification. RfK will automatically generate the Ci and a DisplayChannels for deepexr if they are not manually created.

Bug Fixes

  • Using a CameraImagePlaneCreate node to view a textured image plane no longer breaks textured light visualization in the Viewer.
  • Fixed a Katana crash when viewing a light with a 16k texture.
  • Fixed 'Error: Subdivide failed at 'unknown scenegraph location' that could appear on pruned scenegraph locations.

Known Limitations

Live Rendering

  • Light linking edits are not currently supported.
  • Lights can be added during live rendering however, due to a bug in Katana 2.1, a newly-added light is not automatically 'live' and does not inherit its live state from the parent. When adding a light you will need to manually activate that light in the Scene Graph. Newly added lights work correctly in Katana 2.0 and Katana 2.5v5+.
  • Adding mesh lights during live rendering creates duplicate geometry, upon re-render this is solved.
  • Changes to light filters are not processed unless the associated lights are also marked 'live'.
  • Alembic geometry mesh light transform edits (i.e. Transform3D changes) are not updated correctly during live rendering.
  • Muting a PxrDomeLight with PxrPortalLight children does not successfully mute the portal lights.
  • "Disable Local Assignment" does not work during live rendering with parameters of OSL shaders (e.g. PxrLayer and PxrLayerMixer).
  • Disabling and re-enabling layers in PxrLayerMixer can cause instability in Live Rendering.
  • Texture changes are not currently supported during live rendering.


Other limitations

  • If an object is assigned a material that has been disabled or does not exist the geometry will not render at all.
  • If you are rendering to 'it' the Monitor tab must be open for the Render Log tab to receive output from Katana and prman.
  • Although direct non-identity scaling has been removed from the PxrDomeLight and PxrDistantLight it is still possible to get an indirect scale via a constrained or inherited location. If the indirect scale is negative the Pxr light will flip to a reverse orientation.
  • Bake renders only work as Disk Renders. The render will fail for Live and Preview Renders.