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The PrmanGlobalStatements node is a RenderMan-specific node containing attributes to configure RenderMan's global Options.

There is generally a one-to-one mapping between a PrmanGlobalStatements attribute and its corresponding RenderMan option. In addition there are a number of RfK-specific plugin control options detailed below.

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Option to serialize traversal of Katana scenegraph when converting to Rix scenegraph. By default this traversal runs in parallel.


The maximum number of threads that RfK will use when traversing the Katana scenegraph to build the Rix scenegraph. A value of '0' means 'automatic'


Tell plugin to sleep for N seconds after render starts but before any initialization happens. Useful for attaching a debugger or profiler to renderboot. Default is '0' (disable sleep at startup). NOTE: Currently this is a Linux-only feature.


By default, RenderMan flattens an instance source into separate object prototypes for each geometry in the group. Setting this option to 'false' will keep each instance source location as a single object prototype. This can have large performance improvements for scenes with a large number of instances.


Setting this to 'true' tells the plugin to only traverse and build instance source locations that are used by an instance. Enabling the option can speed up traversal if the scene has heavy instance sources that aren't used. The setting will be ignored during live rendering.

honorInheritedMeshLightMaterialint0Setting this to 1 or "yes" will cause mesh light objects to inherit the set BxDF material as opposed to replacing it with a PxrBlack material, which is the default material.