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The RenderMan Light Lister provides access to commonly used controls for all lights in a scene, which is particularly useful when running IPR. There is a table of settings for quick access, as well as a solo feature which allows quickly viewing the isolated effects of individual lights.

The Light Lister can be opened from the RenderMan shelf by clicking this button 


The top left section of the panel is a list of lights in the scene. When a light is selected from this list a row of controls is added to the table at the bottom.  The selected lights in the list also become selected in the scene.

Control Table

The top row of the table is a special set of Column Controls that can be used to set the values for all controls in a column, via a right-click popup menu.  The list of settings shown as columns in the table can be edited under the lighting panel's Layout menu.

Controls stay in the table even after a light is deselected, until the "Clear Table" button is pushed.

Light Sets


The top middle section shows a list of Light Sets, which allows for quickly selecting a group of lights to be added to the table. Select several lights and click the icon at the left of the list to create a light set. When a set is selected from the list all of its lights are populated into the table.

Light Set Outputs

The first icon to the right of each light set can be clicked to cause a list of common lpe outputs to be added for the group of lights.  ie. these outputs only include lighting from the lights in the set.  Check under the Passes tab of the Render Settings Window to see the outputs that were added.


The top right section is a list of bookmarks, which can be used like lighting presets associated with the scene. Click the icon to create a stash of settings. Click on a bookmark name in the list to restore the settings. This can allow for quickly switching back and forth to compare while re-rendering.