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Welcome to RenderMan for Maya 22!

This latest release of RenderMan for Maya 22 (RfM), includes a number of features to address feedback as well as some fixes to RenderMan for Maya workflow and performance.

Please see the release notes below for all the new capabilities and known issues! You may also wish to visit the migration page for selected highlights.

In RfM, problems caused by the presence of non-ascii characters in file paths (diacritics, etc.), RfM will error early (fail to load) with an informative message and warn if rendering resources are loaded from non-ascii paths. Please avoid accents, symbols, spaces, and other non-standard naming conventions in file paths, source files, and user names.

What's New

  • New Node Editor soloing hotkey pref: you can choose any key (if not already used by Maya) with optional "alt-" and "ctrl-" modifiers (for example: "alt-@")

Miscellaneous and Important Changes 

  • On Linux, we now also look for the VISUAL environment variable when deciding what editor to use to view RIB. VISUAL will take precedence over the EDITOR variable

  • Dicing strategy options have been exposed in the RenderMan section of NURBS and polymesh nodes
  • Mesh nodes' watertight dicing control has moved to the Subdivision Surface section as it only affects subdivision surfaces
  • RfM will now show the previously selected shelf tab after it has built/re-built the RenderMan shelf


  • Fixed a bug where playblast to 'it' wouldn't automatically open he image sequence on windows, although it was saved to disk

  • Mesh deformations are now correctly updating during playblasts
  • Fixed an error when expanding OpenVDB file paths
  • Fixed a bug where the auto headlight wouldn't be created when doing render region in the viewport
  • An issue with batch rendering using relative paths for images has been fixed
  • Fixed texture manager updates when using Substance in Maya plugin
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes cached Maya fluids wouldn't render correctly

Developer Documentation

You can find a useful Doxygenated developer documentation in the Developers' Guide under RfM2

Known Limitations

RenderMan for Maya

  • Light Linking volumes is not currently supported
  • Only motion blurred meshes and transforms retain their blur after frame changes during IPR
  • Deselecting "Receive Shadows" does not work.
  • Creating a mesh light from existing geometry during IPR will duplicate the geometry in-render. Restart the render to remove the duplicate.
  • We do not support Camera Facing Curves in Xgen
  • Xgen will not reflect changes in the Collection
  • Limited UDIM texture support in viewport
  • >Maya Fur Feedback is not supported
  • Playblast on Windows does not automatically play in "it", open the sequence manually

    Xgen : Xgen will crash during live rendering unless you set Window > Preferences > Xgen > Multithreading to "off" (unchecked).