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A PxrSurface BXDF can be applied to an object in Maya by simply selecting the object and then clicking the PxrSurface Icon in the button bar. PxrSurface can also be applied to objects in the scene by selecting them from the RenderMan Menu itself under the Materials heading. The image below shows a small subset of the attributes that can be modified with this BXDF.

The Pattern Utility parameter described in the Globals is not visible in the Attribute Editor because of how arrays are handled in Maya. Instead, you may use this by making connections using the Node Editor inside the Hypershade. Examples include using a PxrSurface in Maya for creating an ID pass per material instance or combining a PxrSurface with another textured pattern to create other useful AOVs for compositing like noise, and more. Note that doing so may increase evaluation time for your assigned material.