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  • PxrVolume is a Bxdf and should be used in the Material Connection of any Shading Group (SG) node. Connections to the Volume connection are not correct for RenderMan.
  • The OpenVDB node defaults to having its indirect visibility set to "off", this is because Maya's old defaults have imported objects as invisible to reflections/refractions in the Render Stats rollout of the attribute editor. Turn these on for correct rendering.

The Maya Cloud Pattern/Texture will not operate as expected in PxrVolume because of how it calculates the falloff effect.

You can also make an emissive volume operate as a light from the PxrVolume material as explained below, but in Maya you can assign a Meshlight to the shading group node (right-click and create). If your volume has emission values then it will emit light, you may also make use of the light filter controls on the mesh light shader while the PxrVolume option does not allow for light filters.