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Release date: April 22, 2022

Welcome to RenderMan for Maya 24.4!

RenderMan for Maya 24.4 brings some new functionality to artists, as well as several bug fixes. 

These release notes are meant to be used together with the release notes from RenderMan for Maya 24.0, 24.1, 24.2, and 24.3.  Also please see the release notes for RenderMan itself for the set of enhancements and bug fixes that you can find within the renderer in this release.

Fixes and Features within RenderMan for Maya

  • Maya 2023 is now supported.
  • Viewport renders won't start when loading a scene that was saved while viewport rendering.

  • PxrGoboLightFilter and PxrCookieLightFilter now have a functional "Refresh Texture" button.

  • Fixed error when opening It or LocalQueue from Maya.

  • Relieved memory pressure when running repeated IPRs in Maya on linux systems (both RIS and XPU).

  • Fixed a bug where animated depth of field related settings weren't updating when changing frames during IPR renders.

  • Improved camera translation code with better imageplane placement. Should anyone see incorrect results (please report it first), you can switch back to the old behaviour by setting the "cameraAlgorithm" to "old" on the camera node.

  • Fixed a UI bug on "text" widgets.

  • A bug that caused transformation blur to be missing after adding a deformer with key frames has been addressed.

  • Fixed a bug where deformed geometry would still try to motion blur, even when motion samples was set to 1 on the shape node.

  • Re-enabled saving static reference primvars (_Pref, __Nref, etc) via a new menu: RenderMan > Utilities > Static Reference Pose.

  • Fixed py3 error in xgen

  • Fixed an IPR editing bug where a deleted node wasn't correctly invalidated and became un-editable if re-created during the session.

Known Issue

  • Image Tool sometimes does not launch from maya2022 and maya2023 when you press IPR. Start the ImageTool first if this problem persists.