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Loading the RenderMan RIS Shelf

To load the RenderMan RIS Shelf, pick it from the +.


RenderMan RIS Shelf

RenderMan for Houdini provides its own shelf with shortcuts for many of the most basic and useful features.



  Create a PxrRectLight OBJ.
Create a PxrDiskLight OBJ.

Create a PxrDistantLight OBJ.

Create a PxrSphereLight OBJ.
Create a PxrAOVLight OBJ.
Create a PxrDomeLight OBJ.
Create a PxrPortalLight OBJ.
Create a PxrEnvDayLight OBJ.
Create a PxrMeshLight OBJ.
Create a RIS Network.
Create a PxrSurface VOP.
Create a PxrMarschnerHair VOP.
Create a PxrVolume VOP.
Create a RenderMan RIS ROP .