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Clicking the tractor icon at the left of the toolbar reveals the About Tractor pane.

The Engine Version shows the Tractor version, build date, build ID, and platform. This can be useful when communicating with Tractor Support to verify the particular version of software in use.

The Dashboard Version shows the Tractor version, build date, and build ID for the Dashboard, which can be different from the Engine's values for custom installations.

The Scheduler Mode indicates the overall rule system used for determining which command should be scheduled next.

Thread Counts shows the number and type of engine process threads that are dedicated to various roles, such as processing incoming blade requests, initiating contact with blades (such as for killing active tasks), and servicing Dashboard and other client requests.

Configs Last Reloaded shows the time and date at which any config file has been reloaded.

Engine Uptime shows the amount of time the engine has been running.

# Licenses shows the number of licenses consumed by the Engine. This represents the maximum number of concurrent active tasks. The indicated number licenses are consumed by the Engine, whether the active tasks are running or not. This is important to keep in mind for studios running multiple Engines.

# Active Commands shows the total number of commands currently running on all blades.