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The Blade Info pane displays information specific to the blade that is selected in the Blade List pane.

The displayed information is composed of blade status tracked by the engine Engine and the blade. If there is no information in the blade report, then the connection to the blade itself probably failed and may indicate that the blade process is down or wedged. In this case you would be likely to see a "No Pulse" message for the blade in the Blade List pane.


The reported environment is the default one. The one used by each running command also depends the envhandlers specified in the job definition.

Lost Commands

The combination of Engine and blade status information is noteworthy in the Commands attribute. Here a list of each active command is displayed for the selected blade.

If a command is running on a blade and the Engine is not aware of it, the entry will be red and marked "LOST". This can happen in situations where the Engine attempted to kill an active command of the blade, but the blade was not able to receive the kill message or was not able to kill the command's process.

Conversely, if the Engine believes a blade is running a command that the blade is not aware of, "unknown" will appear as the PID for the command. This can happen if the blade was not able to start a command assigned to it, or if the engine did not receive a blade's message that the command as finished.

Note that the Engine periodically performs a validation test with each blade to ensure that it is running the expected commands.

Blade Notes

The Notes box to the right of the blade attributes displays user comments for the selected blade. If a user has permission to add a note to a blade, "click to add note" will appear below the notes area. The notes area can be resized by dragging the lower left corner of the notes box.

The user generated notes could be used as a communication channel amongst wranglers and admins to annotate the service history and configuration changes of hosts.