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Welcome to RenderMan 21.0!

Welcome to RenderMan 21. This release introduces improvements to the previous RenderMan in very significant ways.

There are many additions: New lights and materials from Pixar Animation Studios. We've also added amazing new studio light filters, new patterns, and improved displacement. In addition there are changes to APIs and new APIs for the developers. Workflows have been greatly simplified and performance enhancements abound.

There have also been important subtractions:


Please note that the Reyes rendering architecture has been removed from RenderMan 21.0. RenderMan is now based on modern and improved pathtracing technology and C++ plug-ins. Shaders should be migrated using the RIX API as RSL is no longer supported. Scenes using old RSL lights, displacements, and imager shaders will fail to render or render black because of this change.


Please dive right into the release notes below for more detailed information on the rebirth of your favorite renderer!