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To use, select the first image in the catalog, then go to Image->Toggle Background.Then, select the second image in the catalog, and with the Wipe Tool turned on, left mouse button click and drag in the framebuffer image window.


Toggles the current image as a background. See Background.


Right-clicking in the image area of the window also provides access to the menus. Other windows that are accessible on the "Window" menu such as the "Console", which provides python scripting access to "it" are not dockable and appear as top level windows.

Preferences Window

Image Added


Save Sessions

Controls whether "it" session data should be considered valuable. If turned on, a save dialog will be presented when image catalogs are closed.

Image Cache Size

The number of images "it" should hold in memory. When exceeded, "it' will move the oldest image to a temporary file in the Scratch Image Location.

Scratch Image Location

Location where images are saved, if total number of images in all catalogs has exceeded the Image Cache Size preference.

Maximum Zoom

Limits how much "it" will zoom in and out.

Short Window



When toggled on, only the image filename will be displayed in the window's title bar.

Burn Mapping On Save

If toggled on, images saved via File->Export will have their current view mapping burnt into the pixel values before writing to disk. This is useful if you want to share your renders from "it".


New bucket indicator

This allows you to edit the color of the recent bucket marker.


Focus Incoming Render

If toggled on, the image window will automatically display the current incoming render.

Display Mapping


Allows you to edit any of the hotkeys mapped to specific commands in "it".

Special "it" Features