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  • The /prman/deepcomp/flagvolumes and Option "deep" "int flagvolumes" controls now interpret the value 1 as an "auto" mode. This is on by default, but off if generating any deep images in DTEX format. Use 2 to force it always on.

  • Ray bias now affects transmission rays as well as behavior of indirect rays related to it. Note that you must disable Auto Trace Auto Trace Bias in the global scene settings for this to affect your scene with your Trace Bias set. In scenes where dark areas may be caused by intersecting geometry this may reduce or remove the artifact.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Path Traced Sub-Surface Subsurface Scattering control Zero Scatter Attenuation has been replaced by an IOR parameter causing total internal reflection. Note that your behavior may be different. Increasing the value from the default 1.0 may reduce fireflies in the SSS result, values that are too high may lose energy.

  • Significant performance increase for UDIM textures when many textures are in one directory

  • The Alembic procedural now respects the visibility attribute.
  • We now warns warn if a deep image has a pixel filter on alpha that is a poor match for the pixel filter on the other channels. This can lead to grainy noise across the deep image.

  • GetBuiltinVar queries of k_lpeState or k_wavelength no longer set the result pointer to null during displacement, cached presence or opacity, and baking.

  • Added intensityNearDist parameter to PxrMeshLight.
  • Improved live-render edit speed in cases where several LPE based AOV's were being used.

  • For user-debugging purposes the RLFInjector can now be made to print out the exact Attribute Identifier path at each binding site by adding "-printaip 1" to the rif arguments. Rif arguments are set up in RfM via RenderMan_for_Maya.ini (see existing doc re -filtergeom). The path that is printed out is precisely the one that Xpath is matching against in a Dynamic Rule and can also be used (in the case of the new alembic-file-specific rlf's) in the Static Binding table.

  • RenderMan will now abort when attempting to recover non-incremental renders when bucket order is set to anything other than "vertical" or "horizontal".

  • In OSL, gettattribute() of the "context" object can be used to access the members of the RixShadingContext scTraits structure "eyePath", "lightPath", "primaryHit", "missContext", "reyesGrid" and "shadingMode".

  • Extended widget types for OSL nodes loaded at startup: 'fileInput', 'assetIdInput', 'filename' (non-standard), 'text', 'popup' and 'boolean'.
  • Fixed a crash when parsing OSL shaders with int parameters using 'min' or 'max' metadata.
  • Improved quality of deep output compression when a deep id channel is present.

  • Increased the upper range for RixKtoRGB, below we show new values above 10000