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  • Added new ground selections to the PxrEnvDaylight simulation: 
    • Legacy: Old behavior
    • Clamped Hemisphere: "Smear" horizon values on the virtual ground plane
    • Diffuse Ground: A fake infinite ground plane with diffuse color


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  • The /prman/deepcomp/flagvolumes and Option "deep" "int flagvolumes" controls now interpret the value 1 as an "auto" mode. This is on by default, but off if generating any deep images in DTEX format. Use 2 to force it always on.

  • Ray bias now affects transmission rays as well as behavior of indirect rays related to it. Note that you must disable Auto Trace Bias in the global scene settings for this to affect your scene with your Trace Bias set. In scenes where dark areas may be caused by intersecting geometry this may reduce or remove the artifact.