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Miscellaneous Changes

  • RiPoints

    • Spherical RiPoints using pointfalloff now have better lighting behavior when it comes to interpenetrating spheres. The calculation when the ray origin is inside a sphere has been amended to provide a more predictable lighting result

  • PxrRemap: inputMin and inputMax no longer enforce hard value limits
  • Increased the maximum capacity of the curves BVH, which is now at about 2 billion curve segments per single curves primitive
  • PxrUnified now supports Attribute "trace" "diffusedepth" and "speculardepth". Unlike PxrPathTracer, this behavior is opt-in only and must be enabled by setting the new integrator parameter "useTraceDepth" to 1


  • Fixed an intermittent crash when linear curves which had varying opacity were used

  • Fixed a regression in PxrVary that could make the renderer crash
  • Fixed a potential crash when geometry deformation sample times are different from the shutter time

  • Fixed UDIMs with extra filepath separators

  • A bug that caused EXR displays that were dirmapped to fail to render has been addressed

  • A bug that caused checkpointing to fail on Windows has been fixed
  • Fixed a rare bug where the renderer could crash during expansion of procedurals if the procedural had an invalid transformation matrix

  • Fixed a rare memory corruption when freeing geometry buffers. The corruption was manifesting as a crash during rendering startup or at completion

  • Fixed a regression that prevented projection plug-ins from accessing textures at CreateInstanceData time

  • Fix an issue with INFs (infinite or not a number) appearing in deep output of volumes

  • Fixed RixTransform bug when calculating to/from world space matrix from RiProcedurals
  • Add "Coordinate system memory" to gprim stats
  • Fixed a bug that could cause large memory spikes with light learning
  • OSL
    • OSL will no longer complain about missing coordinate systems in the log, you must now check your return values in shaders instead

    • Fixed a bug preventing access to string attributes from OSL
    • Fix potential crash when using getattribute("rendererinfo") in OSL SIMD mode

Interactive/Live Rendering Limitations

  • Crop window edits are restricted to fall inside the original crop window

RenderMan Pro Server Limitations

  • PxrUnified integrator does not yet support all the standard rendering features
  • We do not read point data from OpenVDB files
  • PxrSurface back diffuse color is not output to the albedo color AOV
  • Analytical lights placed inside volumes may yield artifacts when made visible to the camera. As a work around, the light camera visibility should be turned off, and a geometry with a similar shape should be used (visible to camera, invisible to transmission and indirect rays), with the proper emissive bxdf
  • Using the ' . ' character in the handle for an OSL shader could cause unpredictable results during re-rendering
  • Per-Instance baking is not supported, only the reference instance
  • 3d baking: no direct bake-to-ptex support
  • PxrBakePointCloud cannot directly render ptex
  • Sample/Display filter plug-ins do not have access to lighting services for light dependent effects, e.g. lens flare
  • Adding a new mesh light on existing geometry during IPR results in double geometry
  • Motion blurred geometry does not motion blur normals when deformed
  • When attempting to access an array primvar, you must first check the size of the array primvar and allocate the appropriate space. Not doing so may lead to a crash
  • Points and curves cannot be used as geometric (mesh) lights
  • Deformation motion blurred volumes don't currently work with densityFloatPrimVar or densityColorPrimVar. You will need to use a PxrPrimVar node connected to densityFloat and densityColor instead


    The Centos KDE style "Oxygen" installs a version of Qt and sets the user's environment variable QT_PLUGIN_PATH forcing "it" and LocalQueue to attempt to load an incompatible Qt library. Either avoid installing the Oxygen theme or unset QT_PLUGIN_PATH before running "it" or LocalQueue. Other KDE styles may also install this theme.