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lighting:selectionlearningschemeint01Employs a machine learning algorithm to more accurately importance sample lights, taking into account occlusion and light filters. Value range: true/false.
shade:derivsfollowdicingint1Value range: true/false.
shade:frequencyframetimefloat1e+38Shading time for frequency "frame".
trace:bvhcompressionfloat0Provides a hint to the system to favor memory utilization versus speed when constructing the ray accelerator. Valid values are in the range [0, 1], where the higher the values the more compact the memory representation. The control behaves almost lineraly with some discontinuities in the compression rate as different strategies are activated. The result obtained is likely to be scene dependent. As a rule of thumb, leave this control to 0 unless you need to reduce memory utilization in order to render a given scene or sequence. When tuning, set the control to 1 at first to see how much memory can be saved through compression and what time overhead is generated, then dial the number back to a lower value (if possible) and reach the deired balance between speed and memory usage. Value range: 0 to 1.
trace:depthmodestringseparateIntegrators track diffuse/specular. Supported values: combined, separate.
trace:maxdepthint25Maximum ray depth.
trace:worldoffsetfloat[3]0 0 0Used as the origin when the worldorigin option is set to "worldoffset".
trace:worldoriginstringcameraSet a new world origin to give better floating point precision. Supported values: world, worldoffset, camera.


shade:debugint0Shading debug level. Value range: true/false.
statistics:displace_ratiosfloat[2]0.1 1Suppress reporting of displacements that, when divided by the max displacement, fall in the specified range.
statistics:filenamestringstdoutemptyFile name for summary statistics reported in plain text.
statistics:levelint0Enable statistics reporting. Value range: true/false.
statistics:maxdispwarningsint100Modify the maximum reported displacement issues. If the value is set to 0, then all displacements issues are reported. Value range: 0 or more.
statistics:stylesheetstringemptyStylesheet for XML detailed statistics.
statistics:texturestatslevelint0Enable texture statistics reporting. Value range: true/false.
statistics:xmlfilenamestringemptyFile name for detailed statistics reported as XML. The attribute can be set to a special value, "usefilename", which indicates that XML statistics should be written to the filename that would normally receive the plain-text statistics. Doing so can facilitate incorporating XML statistics into pipelines without requiring changes to RIB generators.


limits:brickmemoryint2097152Brickmap cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:bucketsizeint[2]16 16Size of render buckets in pixels.
limits:deepshadowerrorfloat0.01Control lossy compression scheme to reduce file size of deep output. Setting to a high value will result in lower numbers of samples stored for each pixel. Value range: 0 to 1.
limits:geocachememoryint2097152Geometry cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:gridsizeint289Value range: 1 or more.
limits:matrixcachememoryint0Matrix cache in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:nurbcurvaturedicefactorint3NURBs max curvature multiplier. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:octreememoryint20480None cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:opacitycachememoryint1048576Opacity cache in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:othresholdfloat[3]0.99609375 0.99609375 0.99609375Opacity Culling: When rendering scenes with a large number of semi-transparent layered objects (e.g. hair), the opacity culling threshold can be set for a significant time and memory savings. Essentially, a stack of visible points whose accumulated opacity is greater (in each channel) than the specified limit will be considered fully opaque by the hider, and objects behind the stack will be culled.
limits:pointmemoryint20480Point cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:proceduralbakingclumpsizeint0Value range: 0 or more.
limits:ptexturemaxfilesint128Value range: 1 or more.
limits:ptexturememoryint32768PTex cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:rendermemoryfloat0Memory limit as percentage of machine memory. Value range: 0 to 1.
limits:rendertimeint0Maximum render time in minutes. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:shadesizeint289The maximum number of vertices, not grid. Value range: 1 or more.
limits:texturememoryint2097152Texture cache size in kB. Value range: 0 or more.
limits:threadsint0Set the number of threads that the renderer uses. If a value of 0 is specified then all CPUs will be utilized for rendering. If a negative value '-N' is specified then prman will use all but N CPUs for rendering.
searchpath:archivestringemptySearch path for Rib archives and DelayedReadArchive.
searchpath:dirmapstringemptySearch path remapping.
searchpath:displaystringemptySearch path for display plug-ins.
searchpath:proceduralstringemptySearch path for DynamicLoad procedural plug-ins.
searchpath:rifilterstringemptySearch path for Rif plug-ins.
searchpath:rixpluginstringemptySearch path for shading plug-ins.
searchpath:shaderstringemptySearch path for OSL pattern plug-ins.
searchpath:texturestringemptySearch path for texture files.