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Set the default editor for opening ASCII RIB files.

Channel Box

Attributes in Channel box

Toggle whether or not the channel box displays RenderMan controls.

Script Editor Widget

Font Size


Show the controls for rendering to VIewport 2.0 in the icon bar of the panel.

Crop Window Color

Select your preferred color for drawing a crop window.


Limit the frame rate to avoid some issues with lag or phantom mouse.

Progress Bar in Viewport

A small bar will show frame progress at the bottom of the viewport and be disabled here.

Viewport Info String

You can display useful information in the viewport, you can choose this based on selections here using the tokens provided from the Workspace Render Tab.


Playblast Viewer Command

Select an executable and use # to denote frame numbers and padding to pass along.

Show Command Output

Print the command into the script editor.

Preset Browser