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We finally color correct the final values coming out of the pxrblend1 node and feed that into the Emit Color on the PxrVolume shader. Note we first change the exposure: Exposure to 5.

And we also alter the output range: Output Range.

We don't show a screen shot, but on the PxrVolume node, we set the Max Density parameter to 20, to give RenderMan hints that will help it converge faster. We also switched over to the sampling tab, and set Samples to 8 and set the Step Size to 0.1

Set the pyro_import's Material to /shop/risnet1/pxrvolume1 to assign the volume shader.

At this point, the scene can finally be rendered out. One can add a camera object by clicking on the Scene View, hitting TAB and typing "Camera". The cam1 node can then be selected with the yellow drop down in the upper right hand corner of the Scene View. By clicking the padlock icon, next to the camera selection menu, the camera can be interactively manipulated to frame the scene for rendering.


Now when rendering the volume, it will not look blown out, and the contrast in the explosion will look more appealing. 


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