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gpuIndex corresponds to the GPU installed to use for denoising. If -1 is used, it will use the CPU instead.

Code Block
    "//": "Global settings which apply across all filteres/kernels:",
    "filterLayersIndependently": false,      "//": "If true, filters each render output using weights affected",
                                             "//": "by its color, reducing artifacts but violating additivity",
                                             "//": "and imposing a speed and memory penalty.",
                                             "//": "If false, uses the same weights for all to-be-filtered layers, ",
                                             "//": "ensuring additivity.",
    "splitSpecularDiffuse": true,            "//": "If true, filters specular and diffuse separately",
    "splitSpecularDiffuseVariances": true,   "//": "When splitSpecularDiffuse and the file has diffuse_var and",
                                             "//": "specular_var layers, use them.",
    "warpType": "linear",                    "//": "cross-frame warp method: linear or nearest",
    "gpuIndex": 0,                           "//": "use GPU denoising on graphics card #0",