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One of the main differences are that it always automatically includes Z and ZBack channels for depth information (see the Interpreting Deep Pixels white-paper from ILM for more details on these) and these two channels are always stored as the full float type regardless of the choice of type made for the other channels. The default type may be set using the /display/deepexr/type line in rendermn.ini.  Also, the choice of compression methods is limited to none, rle, and zips.  The default for this can be set in the /display/deepexr/type line in rendermn.ini.  If not set there, it defaults to zips.  Finally, noted that the default storage type for the deepexr driver is tiled rather than scanline like the default in the shallow openexr driver.

Other drivers

  • x11 – draws into a new window on 24-bit DirectColor, 8-bit PseudoColor, or 1-bit monochrome displays under the X11 window system.
  • windows – draws into a new framebuffer window, on Windows systems.
  • sgif – writes Silicon Graphics, Inc., image files.
  • alias – produces output files containing RGB information for Alias, and optionally an Alias Matte file for alpha.
  • targa – writes a Truevision, Inc. file of type 2, which is an uncompressed RGB or RGBA image.
  • cineon – produces an output file in Kodak's Cineon image file format.
  • softimage – produces an output file in the Softimage Picture File Format.
  • mayaiff – produces an output file in the Maya Image File Format.
  • shadow – produces an output file containing depth information in the shadow map texture file format, which is a proprietary format peculiar to PRMan.
  • zfile – produces an output file containing depth information in a simple custom format.
  • deepshad – produces "deep texture files", which are in a proprietary format accessible through RenderMan's libdtex library.png - writes a PNG file with transparency, RGBA format often used on the web
  • texture – produces an output file that will be accepted directly by the renderer for use in a texture node. 
  • multires – a simple and fast framebuffer driver that display images using OpenGL.