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RixRenderState* *state = reinterpret_cast< RixRenderState cast<RixRenderState* >(
    ctx.GetRixInterface( k_RixRenderState ) );
RixRenderState::FrameInfo frame;
state->GetFrameInfo( &frame );
RixIntegratorEnvironment const* *env =     reinterpret_cast<cast<RixIntegratorEnvironment RixIntegratorEnvironment const * >(
        frame.integratorEnv );

std::string name( "foo" );

std::vector<vector<RixChannelId> RixChannelId > ids;
for ( int index = 0; index < env->numDisplays; ++index )
    if ( env->displays[ index ].channel == name )
        ids.push_back( env->displays[ index ].id );

Note that there may be more than one match for a given name. This may be caused by either the the “string source” parameter to a display channel or the particular AOV being output multiple times. Typically, a display filter will store the list of matches and apply itself to all of them.