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And below is a render with the color change and added depth of field using zdefocus in Nuke.



Below are the common settings available to artists using RenderMan in bridge products.


  • Tiled: Image is saved in tile formatted blocks of data
  • Planar/Scanline: Is stored as a scanline format, this is preferred for reading in Nuke


  • Half Precision (16-half)
  • Float Precision (32-bit float)

Typically Half is good enough for color AOVs and passes. Float is recommended for Data AOVs and passes like Z depth or P


We handle merging samples internally and automatically to provide the best balance between size and correctness, as such the options below are what is available to control final size of the output frames.

  • ZIPS is default and recommended for compositing workflow as it is stored as a single scanline
  • ZIP is also useful but slightly slower in compositing packages at bundles of 16 scanlines
  • You can find out more about the less common choices on the Wiki page for OpenEXR