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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Edits to the Render Working Set are now supported by default for Katana 3.0v8 and newer.  If you wish to opt out of this behavior, you can set the int attribute "liveRenderSettings.allowFollowRenderWorkingSet" to 0 at /root
  • Added support for Attribute Functions to handle errors coming from RenderMan.  Previously, this was only available for errors coming from the Katana scene.
  • The instance array example file now shows how to add user attributes per-instance and how to apply motion blur


  • Display drivers are no longer included in the shader drop down list in PrmanShadingNode
  • Fixed a bug where RfK was not outputting interpolateboundary when the corresponding attribute was set to the RenderMan default, 0. Other bridge products default this to 1
  • VDBs loaded with PrmanVolume now correctly set the volume's geometry attributes without requiring the user to explicitly enable the densityGrid parameter
  • Fixed a crash for polygons when the number of tuples in the vertexList is greater than 1
  • Preset Browser

    • An issue where importing a light rig from RfM would fail has been fixed

    • Fixed configuration-specific incorrect scaling of menu fonts in the preset browser

    • Fixed incorrect gamma correction of preset browser preview renders

    • The preset browser will now correctly generate a preview image when saving a light rig