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In production, wedging Houdini Wedge Render Node accelerates the process in finding the best settings for your asset/shot.

Houdini Wedge Render Node is simple to set up. The following example shows how we can set up wedges for PxrHairColor's Melanin 's settings.

Output Filename

In your RenderMan RIS ROP, add either $WEDGE (the wedge value of your wedge) or $WEDGENUM (the number of the wedge stepsstep) to your Display output file name.


  • Create a wedge ROP.   Note that we are not connecting the wedge ROP to the RenderMan RIS ROP.
  • Set the Output Driver to the RenderMan RIS ROP. 
  • Specify the Channel (e.g. shader parameter) that you want to wedge.
  • Specify the Range and Number of Steps to wedge. 



Render Your Wedge

In your wedge ROP, select Render Wedges button to render your wedges.