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  • Variable - Specify the name and type of the AOV, e.g. varying normal Nn.
  • Source - Set the source string for the LPE.  If using a built-in LPE (see below), you can leave this field empty; otherwise, you must provide the appropriate LPE expression, e.g. color lpe:C<RD>[<L.>O].
  • Display - Set this to framebuffer or a specify an external EXR filea filename.
  • Display Device - Specify the type of output. If you want to see your AOVs interactively, you would set it to Houdini.  You may also specify the EXR output to match the Display output. houdini (for Render View) or framebuffer (for 'it').  
  • Quantize - Set the quantitze for your output file.  For openexr, keep the default 0 0 0 0.
  • Dither - This is unnecessary for floating point outputs such as an EXR.
  • Filter - For color AOVs, the recommended filter is Gaussian. Data AOVs should be unfiltered.
  • Filter Width - As above, when using color AOVs, a filter width of 2 2 using Gaussian matches the default render settings.
  • Statistics - This field is only used if you are specifying AOVs manually for Denoising.