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Lighting was redesigned using studio lights. These lights do not work in RenderMan 20.x.prior to version 21.

Analytic Light

To add a light, select one of light tools such as Dome from the RenderMan Shelf which automatically creates a Pxr light OBJ.   

We can also add a light via the TAB menu in OBJ pane.  All the Pxr lights are listed under the Render TAB Menu.

Image Modified

Light Transformation


Light NameTransformation
PxrRectLightTranslate, scale, and rotation.
PxrDiskLightTranslate, scale, and rotation.
PxrSphereLightTranslate, uniform scale, and rotation. If scaled non-uniformly it will render as a sphere anyway.
PxrDistantLightRotation only.
PxrDomeLightRotation only.
PxrPortalLightLike a PxrRectLight, but you also need an external coordsys for the orientation of the dome texture itself.
PxrEnvDayLightRotation only.

Since this is not a real light designed to illuminate, no translate, scale, and rotate. 


Portal Light


Cannot You cannot have a portal light without parenting it to a dome light.


The PxrPortalLight is an optimized version of the dome light by looking through a "portal".   To set up a PxrPortalLigh PxrPortalLight OBJ, we need to parent it to a PxrDomeLight OBJ.  A dome light can have more than one portal light as children.


  • Will inherit the parent dome's rotation depending on whether "Keep Position When Parenting" is selected when parenting it to the dome.
  • If a parameter is not local to the portal light, it will inherit from the parent dome light's setting for that parameter.
  • Intensity Multiplier will be multiplying multiplied by the parent dome's light Intensity.
  • Color Tint will be multiplying multiplied by the parent dome's Color.
  • It will apply all the dome's light filters as well as its own.


To add a PxrMeshLight  (using the geometry selected as the light source), select the mesh light tool    from the RenderMan Shelf.  This tool will ask you to pick an object for the mesh light. This is useful for creating things like extruded neon lights or fluorescent lighting with cylinders.