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RenderMan for Houdini fixes go are integrated to Houdini's Production Builds.



For those of you new to Renderman 21, please take a look at the changes here.

  • For File SOP that points to .vdb file(s), RfH now calls blobbydso:impl_openvdb procedural automatically. See OpenVDB for more details.
  • Support deepexr output.  See Render To Disk for more details.
  • All RenderMan 21.5 shader user interface updates are available in H16.0.682.

Bug Fixes

  • SideFx fixed dragging the Bxdf from the shop/risnet to the object in the Viewport to assign a shader.
  • PxrBarnLightFilter manipulator works with width and height.
  • PxrRodLightFilter manipulator works with width, height, and depth.
  • Return handle for Light, LightFilter, and Displace so they will work with prman for python.
  • SideFx fixed RIS Bxdf and patterns for prman for python.
  • Added ri_autobias toggle.
  • Removed force setting of trace displacement to on since it is now the default in the renderer.
  • Added deepexr to RenderMan RIS ROP.
  • Re-arranged RenderMan RIS ROP's display device list of the most commonly used first.
  • SideFx fixed "Fast point instancing" to allow overriding Bxdf.  See Instances for an example.