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While some RenderMan plugins integrate the Denoise feature, RenderMan does ship with a tool for processing images after rendering. Keep in mind that the appropriate AOVs must be included for the Denoise filter to work.


Denoising does not affect the alpha channel of images. Doing so can cause artifacts and halos to form and is therefore avoided.

GPU Acceleration

Denoise can attempt to use GPU acceleration. You can activate this mode by adding --override gpuIndex 0 to the command line, where the number indicates which GPU to use.  In a single-GPU system, this will always be 0. If no compatible hardware is found it will failover to CPUs. Using the GPU requires CUDA 7.0 5 (compute capability 2.0 or later) and a capable graphics card with support.


gpuIndex corresponds to the GPU installed to use for denoising. If -1 is used, it will use the CPU instead.

Code Block
    "//": "Global settings which apply across all filteres/kernels:",
    "filterLayersIndependently": false,      "//": "If true, filters each render output using weights affected",
                                             "//": "by its color, reducing artifacts but violating additivity",
                                             "//": "and imposing a speed and memory penalty.",
                                             "//": "If false, uses the same weights for all to-be-filtered layers, ",
                                             "//": "ensuring additivity.",
    "splitSpecularDiffuse": true,            "//": "If true, filters specular and diffuse separately",
    "splitSpecularDiffuseVariances": true,   "//": "When splitSpecularDiffuse and the file has diffuse_var and",
                                             "//": "specular_var layers, use them.",
    "warpType": "linear",                    "//": "cross-frame warp method: linear or nearest",
    "gpuIndex": 0,                           "//": "use GPU denoising on graphics card #0",



Used to filter based on image alpha.


Used for volumes rendered alone onto transparent black.


There are also several override filter settings that can be combined with the base filters. Notice these are named as filteroverride.