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Note that the material described below is the full monolithic PxrSurface. For users wanting a simpler or quicker solution we provide other versions (coming soon) of this material ready for your needs without all the extra parameters to walk through. We suggest you use those when appropriate to be efficient. Other users or artists picking up your scenes or shots will thank you for thinking ahead about complexity and usage!


  • A single material handles all your looks like:
    • Wood
    • Skin
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Car Paint
    • and many many more!
  • Physically based presets provided to get you started.
  • Flexible controls are not required to result in something physically plausible.
    • Artists can selectively "break" energy conservation.
    • Art direction becomes natural without workarounds.
    • Controls are conveniently labeled as "Artistic" and "Physical"
  • Layering provides limitless possibilities.