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  • RMANTREE - establishes the location of your PRMan distribution.
  • RMANFB - establishes your framebuffer display program.
  • path - establishes the searchpath for the execution of programs, this probably already exists, so it is just a matter of adding $RMANTREE/bin to your path.
  • RDIR - specifies a directory where additional configuration files can be found, e.g. a site-specific rendermn.ini file.


RenderMan for Maya users should consult the RenderMan for Maya (RfM) documentation for more information about RfM-specific environment variables.

RenderMan for Katana users should consult the RenderMan for Katana (RfK) documentation for more information about RfK-specific environment variables.

Systems administrators may also choose to use the PIXAR_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to their software license, in lieu of using the defaults, or may point to an arbitrary location for their license via the /licenseserver preference in their own custom, site-specific .inifiles, and absolutely should not add that preference to a factory-shipped .ini.