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titleReflection & Refraction Parameters
Reflection/Refraction Parameters

Glass Parameters

Refraction Gain

Refraction gain.

Reflection Gain

Reflection gain.

Refracton Color

Refraction color.


Refraction and reflection roughness.

Refractive Index

Index of refraction.


If on, correctly split energy according to Refractive Index between reflection and refraction, but do not bend the ray in refraction (simulating a double pane of glass with a single pane).

Interior Parameters

Single Scatter Albedo

Single scatter albedo. Connect this to a 3D pattern to control the intensity of the scattering.

Single Directionality

Controls the directionality of the scattering.0 : isotropic1 : forward-1 : backward


Extinction color. Connect this to a 3D pattern to control the density of the interior.

Integration Mode

Control volume integration type:Ray MarchingRatio Tracking. Unused, this is currently internal to the PixarAnimation Pixar Animation Studios.

Min Extinction Color

Minimum extinction color.

Max Extinction Color

Maximum extinction color.

Step Size

Ray marching step size. Step size is based on the resolution of the 3D pattern that is connected. Inadequate step size will produce artifacts.

Max Steps

Max number of steps.



titleGlobal Properties Parameters

Properties Parameters

This section provide global controls for the entire material. For example, if a Bump is only supplied here, it applies to all the above lobes. Presence is also a global parameter that will mask out or "cutout" all the lobes as-if the object isn't present where the mask has a value of 0.0


Normal to use for all illumination unless it is overridden by the individual lobe's bump normal.


Connect a mask here to apply a cutout pattern to your object. Presence is defined as a binary (0 or 1) function that can take on continuous values to anti-alias the shape. Useful for creating leaves and other thin, complex shapes.


This value should be either 0 or 1. A value between 0 and 1 will produce unwanted noise!

Presence Cached

Specify whether presence is cached or not.

Shadow Mode

Shadow opacity computation mode:

  • Shader and shadow color
  • Shadow color only

Shadow Color

Specify shadow color. This parameter is useful for faking a shadow color for art direction purposes.