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  • PxrSurface's new Diffuse Exponent (when roughness is 0.0) is a power exponent that controls the diffuse falloff.
  • PxrMarschner PxrMarschnerHair now supports Glow and improved controls with the addition of new parameters.
  • PxrSurface's interior scattering introduces a Multiscatter parameter. This is required to be on for use with the PxrVCM and PxrUPBP integrators.
  • LPE system now handles complex sets of LPEs more efficiently.
  • Per lobe LPE has been added to PxrMarschnerHair, these will output results from: HairSpecularR, HairSpecularTT, HairSpecularTRT, HairSpecularGLINTS.
  • New built-in primvars "curvature_u" and "curvature_v" -- the principal surface curvatures in the u and v directions. (As before, the "curvature" primvar is the mean surface curvature, ie. the average of curvature_u and curvature_v.)