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Setting Thread Count

Currently there are four ways to set the number of render threads in RfK. The first three will trigger a "-t:#" addition to the command line arguments for prman which, by RenderMan definition, will override any thread specification in the RIB (the fourth option).

Ways to set thread count, in order of precedence:

  1. Katana preferences interactiveRenderThreadsOverride and interactiveRenderThreads3D (equivalent to the use of the "--threads3d" command line parameter in batch mode).
  2. Katana attribute: renderSettings.renderThreads.
  3. Katana attribute: prmanStatementsprmanGlobalStatements.commandArguments.numThreadModeProcs.
  4. PRMan option: prmanStatementsprmanGlobalStatements.options.limits.threads.

How and where to set these values are detailed below.

Option 1:   interactiveRenderThread Preferences