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  1. Create a PxrCryptomatte node. Specify the file name and path. The example file uses a script to write to your Temp directory.
  2. Layer: Select the layer type, Name (object) or Material.

If you choose to use Path, Katana requires user:__objpath be set. If not specified then this option does not work.


  1. Connect these to a ShadingNodeArrayConnector
  2. Create a PrmanShadingNode and select PxrSampleFilterCombiner. Connect the ShadingNodeArrayConnector.out to the input of this shading node.
  3. Create a NetworkMaterial node , right-click and "Add terminal", select "lightfiltersamplefilter" in the Prman dropdown.
  4. Connect the prmanSamplefilter.out to the NetworkMaterial.
  5. Merge the above network (easy to reuse) into the trunk.
  6. Create a MaterialAssign node and assign the Cryptomatte NetworkMaterial to /root