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The limits.config File

The limits.config file specifies a dictionary of limit definitions, in JSON notation. Each limit definition consists of required global and owner maximum concurrent counts, and optional modifiers. This file must be created in the site override directory.

A value of -1 for SiteMax, OwnerMax, or BladeMax specifies that an unlimited number of invocations are allowed.

      "prman":    {"SiteMax": 100, "OwnerMax": -1},

      "thingy"   {  "SiteMax": 25,
                    "SiteMaxCounting": "perHost",
                    "OwnerMax": 5,
                    "OwnerExceptions": {"bob": 2, "alice": 10},
                    "BladeMax": 2,
                    "BladeExceptions": {"gigantor": 8, "myphone": 0}

      "aparatus": {"SiteMax": -1, "OwnerMax": 2}