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  • Fixed a crash when a lightfilter reference is empty string
  • Fixed a bug where materials assigned at a higher scope in than an instance array would override the materials assigned inside the instance source
  • Fixed a bug where motion blurred instance arrays with the instanceMatrix attribute defined as a DoubleAttribute would error
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Katana to crash on some Centos 7 machines when a textured light was added to the Viewer

  • Fixed a bug where the Cookie + Gobo Light filter's "Refresh Texture" button would need to be pressed twice to cause the initial texture to update during a live render

  • Camera fov motion blur is now applying the correct global scale factor. Previously, the scale was inverted, causing objects to increase in size as the fov increased over the course of a frame

  • Better handling of volumes with empty density grids by the PrmanVolume node
  • Deep EXR outputs now include displayWindow and dataWindow information

  • Raw outputs now have an autocrop option available in the RenderOutputDefine node.

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