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Encapsulates 2D parameterization for pattern generators. Allows transformations and selection of arbitrary variables bound to primitives. Uses a simple struct to represent bundled dataflow of outputsThis nodes allows artists to place patterns using a 2D solution that typically relies on UVs provided by the artist. You may transform the resulting placement (translate, rotate, etc) or repeat the pattern using the controls below. For objects without UVs or requiring a projection in 3D space, use the PxrManifold3D instead.

Input Parameters


Rotation angle around origin.

Scale S

Frequency/repetition of a feature in the S direction.

Scale T

Frequency/repetition of a feature in the T direction.

Offset S

Offset Move from the origin in the S direction.

Offset T

Offset Move from the origin in the T direction.


Name of custom 1D S or 2D ST primvar. (example: UV set name in Maya or primvar for say hair systems and scalps)

PrimVar T

Name of custom 1D T primvar.