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You can find similar requirements in the 2017 2017 VFX Reference Platform.

Linux: CentOS/RHEL 7.2+


Katana: Compatible with 2.6.4, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.12

Houdini: Compatible with 16.5, 17.0, and 17.5 versions (Apprentice not available, Indie available on the next recent release of 17.5 Houdini)

Plugins: Custom plugins can utilize C++11 and must be compiled with gcc 4.8.2 with bugfix or 4.8.3


The Download Menu. Choose the main installer highlighted here at the top. Versions below are useful for sys admins creating deployments.


RenderMan 22 support for Houdini is forthcoming. Houdini links in the documentation will take you to RenderMan 21 documentation. Houdini is supported for versions 15 and 16.

The Centos KDE style "Oxygen" installs a version of Qt and sets the user's environment variable QT_PLUGIN_PATH forcing "it" and LocalQueue to attempt to load an incompatible Qt library. Either avoid installing the Oxygen theme or unset QT_PLUGIN_PATH before running "it" or LocalQueue. Other KDE styles may also install this theme.