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PxrBump used to provide the secondary bump on displaced tiles.

Bump mapping is an inexpensive way to apply details to an object without modeling it or using displacement to change its shape. This is a shading "trick" where a supplied pattern can give the illusion of details.

This produces Produces a bumped normal from a bump map (a scalar displacement map, so only the first channel is used for the displacement). Bumps are applied in object space. The change in scale between object space and current space is automatically applied by the node.

Texture atlas format files can be read in either UDIM (Mari) format or Mudbox format. This plugin also supports Rtx procedural texture plugins.


For performance reasons as well as visual fidelity, we prefer the use of the PxrNormalMap node along with an appropriate normal map/texture as opposed to a scalar bump map which incurs calculation overhead.

Input Parameters


An object-space scale applied to the bump.


If Input Bump is connected (and Filename is not specified), the pattern executes the upstream shader graph pattern netowrk connected to Input Bump three times, once at the shading point and once at P+du and P+dv. Then it crosses the results to get the bump normal.