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-o name            Outputs to shotCam_name.exr instead of shotCam_filtered.exr
-n                 Output basename is based on variance image rather than
                     to-be-filtered image
--outdir dir       Outputs to this directory instead of the input file's
--filtervariance   If a mix of variance and non-variance files are specified,
                     output includes filtered version of variance's color
                     channels too
--crossframe       Cross-frame sequence mode: filters across frames
--skipfirst, -F    Doesn't output an image for the first frame
--skiplast, -L     Doesn't output an image for the last frame
--layers           Filter only render output layers matching these names.
                     Supports wildcards ?, *, [...].  E.g., --layers 'diffuse,
--list-gpus        This lists CUDA enabled GPUs index
-v name            Uses motion vectors with crossframe mode.  Motion vectors
                     are located based on the variance filename, changing
                     "/variance/" to "/<name>/", "variance." after "." or "_"
                     to "<name>."  Note that "-v variance" will use the
                     motion vectors from the variance file itself
-f configFiles     Filter definition file and/or overrides.  Separate multiple
                     files with '+' or use multiple -f's.  Use -H to list
                     available files.  The default baseFile.filter.json is
-H                 Lists all available filter config files
--override key val Override a value from filter definition file.  Can use
                     multiple times.  If last flag, follow with -- before input
                     file names.  Examples:
                       --override strength 0.5
                       --override 'kernels[1].params.sigma_albedo' 0.05
                       --override debugPixel '[336, 209]'
-t nthreads        Number of threads; default is number of cores on machine
-h, --help         Help
--version          Version information