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There may be a performance penalty for using this node in many places in your scene. Efficiency is key to avoid too many evaluations of user attributes if not necessary.


Input Parameters

Variable name



The color result. 

Example Usage

DCC applications may use a different mechanism for applying a user attribute. Below are two examples for applying a color user attribute named "Ball" to a shape:


Add a Pre Shape MEL user attribute to the shape using the Attibutes > RenderMan menufrom the Maya Attribute editor transform node, Name: Ball Type: color Color: Light Pink. The resulting export is below, note that we assume a User attribute from the Maya Editor automatically and does not need to be specified.

RiAttribute "user" "color Ball" 1 0.2 0.65


gb = GroupBuilder()
gb:set("value", FloatAttribute({1.0, 0.2, 0.65}, 3))
gb:set("type", StringAttribute("color"))
Interface.SetAttr("prmanStatements.attributes.user.Ball", gb:build())


See Using PxrMatteID as an example of how to add user attribute in Houdini.