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Here we're using the Default Denoise settings but there are other useful settings:

  • Volumes - used to denoise volume renderings (where the volume is rendered alone on transparent black)
  • Alpha - used to denoise the alpha mask

You can also choose different modes:

  • Frame - denoise a single frame
  • Crossframe - denoise an animation of multiple frames (this requires multiple frames to be available to begin the denoise process instead of each frame immediately as it finishes)



Your pixel filter should be set to "importance". RenderMan for Maya and Houdini turns this on automatically when selecting Denoise on AOVs


Trying Denoise

Using the simple Checkpointing in Renderman can give you multiple chances to try Denoise on frames as they converge without losing time by starting the render over. Below is a set of examples of trying Denoise at the same strength on different levels of convergence. Keep in mind you want an image similar to the one at the top of the page, which is our reference image fully converged. The bottom image in this section is very similar and with less than 25% of the samples in the reference image needed.