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Code Block
/prman/checkpoint/asfinal [bool]

Option "checkpoint" "int asfinal" [0|1]

Deep Data

We support Deep Data Checkpointing (DDC files) when rendering to Deep EXR formats. When using this feature you will not only see a "shallow" EXR written to disk for each checkpoint but also the DDC file for recovering the deep data. Since checkpointing often leaves multiple files on disk and deep data can be expensive to store, there is an option to compress the resulting deep data.

Compression can be set via a rendermn.ini option:

Code Block
/prman/checkpoint/ddccomplvl  7

The default level is 7. The typical range is 1 to 20 where higher numbers increase the compression at the cost of speed.


The default level of 7 is chosen as a balance between size and performance. Values above 7 will decrease the performance of writing the files with diminishing returns on compression as values go higher. For this reason we do not recommend going above 7 unless your storage capacity is severely limited. A value of 1 will result in large files but the best performance and is ideal when storage for DDC files is plentiful.


Recovery of an interrupted render is enabled by passing the -recover 1 option to prman when starting a render. RenderMan will then load the scene as normal but rather than start from scratch and overwrite the existing images it will examine them to determine where it was interrupted. If successful, it will continue from close the point where it left off. If instead the images were finished, missing or don't match the current scene or each other for some reason, it will silently start from scratch.